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    Massages in the heart of Belair

    Body Treatments

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    Body Treatments

    There are days when our body tells us to 'Stop! take a moment, shut out the world and tune inwards'. We have some amazing experiences that will get you to do that.

    Luxurious Body Bliss

    Results: An intensely hydrated and velvety-smooth skin following a lightly-perfumed, exfoliating body scrub and an aromatic oil massage.

    Starting at 150 €

    Fatigue & Pain Release

    A mix of relaxing massage and acupressure release of the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Reflexology to the hands and feet, and a scalp conditioning massage treatment finish this ritual.

    Starting at 150 €

    De-Stress Body & Mind

    One hour relaxing massage with soothing essential oils specifically chosen to leave the world behind and focus on bringing harmony to the body and mind. A hydrating facial mask and an acupressure face and scalp massage to stimulate oxygen flow is the menu for the day.

    Starting at 150 €

    Body scrub

    An invigorating head to toe body scrub using a mixture of naturally perfumed essential oils product paste to deeply exfoliate the dead skin cells and enhance vitality to the blood circulation system. This is followed by a refreshing shower.

    Starting at 55 €

    Detox Revive by Aromatherapy Associates

    Sweet zesty pink grapefruit, fresh green rosemary and rich, woody juniper berry for a strengthening, detoxifying effect makes up the ingredients of this treatment.

    First, exfoliation with a natural, bamboo-bristled brush followed by a body scrub. A detox body mask and wrap encourages the release and elimination of toxins. The application of body oils after a refreshing finishes this treatment. Feel fresh and alive!

    Starting at 150 €

    Body Contouring/ Anti-Cellulite by Phyt's

    If your goal is to lose several centimetres, tone your body or reduce cellulite, this treatment developed by Phyt’s laboratories is for you. Together with adapting some lifestyle habits, and adopting others, you will obtain the results you’re looking for.

    Starting at 100 €

    Booster Legs

    For an effective result, this anti-cellulite treatment for legs included an exfoliation, massage and a stimulating chrono and bandage cryo treatment.

    Starting at 100 €


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    Holistic urban spa experiences that enhance not only the way you look, but the way you feel while promoting a healthier body, mind and soul.