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    Massages in the heart of Belair


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    Massage Escapes

    Each of these massages is an experience designed with you in mind. They are tailor-made and are personalised to fit your desired need at that moment. Each is deeply concentrated to relax or stimulate, eliminate toxins, stress and fatigue and balance your body, mind and spirit back to their harmonious state of well-being.

    Relaxing Massage

    Relaxing massage favouring long fluid movements, slowly enveloping your body for profound calming of your body and mind.

    Starting at 115

    Warm Buttered Cocoa

    Your senses are revived with this delicately-perfumed body-bar massage. Feel the soothing relaxation of your muscles as it glides over your body and melts by the heat of your skin.

    Starting at 115 €

    Aromatherapy Experience

    A luxurious massage, tailored to your specific needs, starts with a consultation and the use of individually chosen essential oil blends. The carefully applied massage pressures will stimulate the nervous system and with other Swedish and neuro-muscular techniques that is either relaxing or energising you will feel deeply relaxed and recharged.

    Starting at 135 €

    The Intensive Muscle Release/Deep Tissue

    Your spa therapist will find the right mixture of acupressure, myo-fascia release and relaxation techniques combined with the use of “De-Stress Muscle Gel and Oil” for this massage uniquely tailored to the needs of your fatigued or stressed muscles. This is also a wonderful way to calm the often overworked mind of its daily tendencies.

    Starting at 135 €


    This massage is well known throughout Europe. It will be personalised with slow pressure, percussion, friction and vibration. Toxin build-up meets its match resulting in vital muscle and bodily strength for your well being.

    Starting at 135 €


    A deep muscle relaxing massage resulting from the perfectly heated volcanic stones from South America. We’ve added some cold stones from time to time to balance the thermic shock, a nice ‘wake-up’ for the muscles. Try this soothing and sense-stimulating treatment known for its detoxifying, relaxing, and draining effects.

    Starting at 135 €

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage

    A full body massage using a lightly aromatic oil that promotes the release of toxins into the lymphatic system. This is a massage of a lighter touch but is very effective. It eliminates toxins, reduce water retention, and the feeling of being bloated and a genuine detox for the body.

    Starting at 135 €


    A deep massage adapted to the sports enthusiast. Using a muscle gel and muscle oil on specific muscle groups and on the articulations this helps to shorten the body’s recovery time from sports fatigue and muscular toxin build-up. You will be amazed at your body’s own healing process.

    Starting at 135€


    Precise pressure is applied using warm bamboo sticks to relieve tension build-up and stress, as you enter into a state of deep relaxation and muscle revival. The bamboo stick creates a welcoming sensation to your skin. Not recommended for someone leaning towards a thinner built which they may find a bit uncomfortable.

    Starting at 135 €

    Find your Feminine

    Heal your feminine is the core of this massage created specifically for the successful, sensual, passionate, romantic, sensitive, creative, seductive, abundance-flowing, intimate, powerful and strong woman.
    A blend of lightly perfumed oriental oils, each one dedicated to a different energy that you choose to awaken.

    Starting at 135 €

    Pregnancy: Serenity Massage

    This massage is adapted to the future mom to bring you all comfort and serenity that you may require during your pregnancy. You may consider having this massage also just after the birthing process as a welcome New Life Treatment (which we can easily adapt to your specific needs).

    Starting at 75 €

    Hair & Scalp Conditioning

    A stimulating scalp and fortifying-hair-follicle oil treatment perforated by a face and scalp massage will strengthen your hair, treat dry scalp and wash away tension in the head, face and neck while it calms your mind.

    Kindly note: Because of the oil involved, this treatment is recommended on a day off or at the end of your work day. The oil is left in the hair for as long as possible.

    Starting at 65 €


    Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian and Chinese practice to stimulate the entire systems of the human body. With this touch therapy of the feet (plantar) on the reflex zones, toxins are released and the body starts to heal itself by creating harmony and equilibrium and calm.

    Starting at 90 €

    Ayurveda - Abhyanga

    An indispensable, Indian Ayurvedic medicine massage of the entire body with hot oils. It eliminates stress, re-balances the doshas, harmonises the energies and reinforces your bodily systems.

    Starting at 135 €

    Ayurveda - Udvartana

    This treatment is done with a special Ayurveda mixture of powdered chickpeas and spices. It exfoliates the skin and reboots the blood circulation causing toxins to be eliminated. It can be very beneficial if you’re facing or going through some life changes or during seasonal changes. It’s also ideal for weight loss.

    Starting at 110 €

    Ayurveda - Mandala

    This massage performed uniquely on the belly, allows you to eliminate the stress and stagnant emotions that one tends to hold onto. It promotes a deep sense of letting go and permits a healthy energy circulation and enhances a comfortable digestion.

    Starting at 80 €

    Ayurveda - Kansu

    A massage of the feet with the aid of a “Kansu” bowl, composed of 5 metals. As a result you enter into a deep relaxation which promotes a restful sleep. It eliminates stress and harmonises your energies.

    Starting at 85 €

    Face, Back or Legs Massage

    A stimulating, relaxing, draining or deep massage to the face, back or legs according to your personal needs.

    Starting at 70 €


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    Holistic urban spa experiences that enhance not only the way you look, but the way you feel while promoting a healthier body, mind and soul.