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    New Life – Maternity

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    New Life - Maternity

    We also take care of pregnant ladies with customised treatments created to meet your needs.

    Our practitioners are trained to provide you with all the advice and comfort during your pregnancy. From hand or face care to massages, we use special products from the Skin Haptics brand. Come and spend a pleasant time with us and you will come out feeling refreshed and perfectly relaxed.

    Pregnancy : Serenity Massage

    This massage is adapted to the future mom to bring you all comfort and serenity that you may require during your pregnancy. You may consider having this massage also just after the birthing process as a welcome New Life Treatment (which we can easily adapt to your specific needs).

    Starting at 135 €

    Harmony Facial

    During this very special time, you might endure changes caused by the increase of hormones and your skin needs to get back into balance. Your facial will start with an in-depth skin analysis so it can be entirely tailored to your precise needs. Guaranteed skin revitalisation, relaxation and calm during this moment.

    Starting at 135 €

    Relax Legs

    Relaxing massage to improve circulation and reduce swelling in order to make your legs feel light and fit again.

    Starting at 70 €

    Hand Care

    We have prepared for you, a scented oil hand soak and scrub, nail and cuticle treatment and an arm and hand massage to work out any tension in the arm and hand muscles and bones and promote relaxation.

    Starting at 50 €

    Foot Care

    A refreshing foot soak and scrub, nail and cuticle treatment, lower leg and foot massage. A feeling of relaxation and calm accentuates this treatment.

    Starting at 60 €


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