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    Massages in the heart of Belair

    Men’s Treatments

    Your Urban Spa

    Treatments For Men

    Gentlemen, you are welcome to our spa. We offer care corresponding to your needs. We use organic products specific to your skin and ideal to bring you an extraordinary moment of relaxation.

    Facial - Phyt's Skin Repair

    Ideal treatment for asphyxiated and dull skin tones caused by environmental factors, lifestyle choices, fatigue or stress. The results: cleansed, oxygenated, refined and smooth skin. This is also adds a few precious moments of relaxation to a man’s otherwise busy life.

    Starting at 135 €

    Power Massage

    A mix of relaxation techniques for a deep massage adapted to the fatigue of your muscles and your needs in order to eliminate the stress of our daily life.

    Starting at 135 €

    Men's Nail Grooming - Hands

    We have prepared for you, a lightly scented oil hand soak and scrub, nail and cuticle treatment and an arm and hand massage to work out any tension in the arm and hand muscles and bones and promote relaxation.

    Starting at 55 €

    Men's Nail Grooming - Feet

    A refreshing foot soak and scrub, nail and cuticle treatment, lower leg and foot massage. A feeling of relaxation and calm accentuates this treatment.

    Starting at 65 €

    Fatigue & Pain Release

    A relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Reflexology to the hands, feet, and a scalp conditioning treatment finish this ritual.

    Starting at 170 €

    De-Stress Body & Mind

    One hour relaxing massage with soothing essential oils specifically chosen to leave the world behind and focus on bringing harmony to the body and mind. A hydrating facial mask and an acupressure face and scalp massage to stimulate oxygen flow is the menu for the day.

    Starting at 175€


    An indispensable, Indian Ayurvedic medicine massage of the entire body with hot oils. It eliminates stress, re-balances the doshas, harmonises the energies and reinforces your bodily systems.

    Starting at 135 €

    Hair & Scalp Conditioning

    A stimulating scalp and fortifying-hair-follicle oil treatment perforated by a face and scalp massage will strengthen your hair, treat dry scalp and wash away tension in the head, face and neck while it calms your mind.

    Kindly note: Because of the oil involved, this treatment is recommended on a day off or at the end of your work day. The oil is left in the hair for as long as possible.

    Starting at 65 €


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    Holistic urban spa experiences that enhance not only the way you look, but the way you feel while promoting a healthier body, mind and soul.